Unfortunately due to the worldwide outbreak of COVID-19, we have canceled our 2020 summer teaching program.  We send all our best wishes to our friends and colleagues in China and around the world.  We remain committed to our mission and look forward to planning future programs.

Happy New Year 2019 from SABEH!

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Happy New Year 2019 from SABEH!

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Established in 2004

Our Vision

Through education, SABEH creates a bridge between the unique cultures of the United States and China to achieve the common goals of mutual understanding, respect, and friendship.

Our Mission

SABEH, a non-profit organization, develops and provides exchange programs for experienced American and Chinese teachers and healthcare workers, giving them opportunities through travel to share best practices in teaching and community health.

Past Participant Testimonials
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"Working with the Chinese teachers through SABEH was the most rewarding professional development experience of my life as a teacher. The energy, enthusiasm, and dedication of all of the teachers was infectious. I was impressed with the various questions posed by the Chinese teachers and with the rapidity of implementation of techniques in their own lessons. These lessons were exciting!  While the primary goal of our trip might have been to share our techniques with Chinese teachers, I can honestly say that I learned as much from them in return. In retrospect, my time spent in Zhoushan was a life changing learning experience.  It is clear that teachers everywhere have the same struggles, but at the end of the day the SABEH team and Chinese teachers alike care a lot about our students and want what is best for them.  I was concerned about all of the things that could have gone wrong, but instead I experienced everything that could go right."


Dee Dunbar-Hambucken, New Hampshire: Zhoushan participant 2018

"Teaching with SABEH in Fuzhou was an incredibly rewarding experience.  The Chinese teacher learners were very engaged and motivated to learn, and they quickly became my colleagues and friends in an attempt to bridge cultures and improve their classrooms.  I also learned a great deal from the other SABEH teachers, each of whom is truly a master teacher.  The collaboration among both the American and Chinese participants in this program served as an inspiration both personally and professionally!"


Taylor Blanton, South Carolina: Fuzhou participant 2015 and 2014

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Teachers' Blog

"Participating in the 2015 SABEH summer program profoundly impacted my understanding of both teaching and the human condition in general.  Working with the students and teachers in Hangzhou made very clear to me that good teaching practices are universally good teaching practices, and a person given the tools with which to learn can gain whatever skills and knowledge he or she deems fit.  The warmth and sincerity of our hosts remains prominent in my memories of the summer and feeds my optimism about the future of humankind."


Ryan Zemanek, Rhode Island: Hangzhou participant 2015

The Sino-American Bridge for Education and Health, Inc. (SABEH) and the U.S.-China Institute and Confucius Institute at Bryant University established long-term strategic collaboration to work together in the field of global education. Both organizations express the intent of pursuing the goal of internationalization with mutual supports.


Visit the U.S.-China Institute and Confucius Institue at Bryant University at  https://china.bryant.edu


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