A Learning Experience in China

Learning is a two-way street Signing up for this program, I saw it as an opportunity to share what I already know about creating a dynamic teaching environment. I didn’t necessarily think about all that I would learn, especially since I lived in China for four years. In the end, learning from the SABEH and Chinese teachers was the most rewarding aspect of the program for me. The Americans teachers in Fuzhou are an incredible group of veteran teachers who have rich and varied teaching experience. Many have taught abroad, attended conferences, won awards, and worked with notable educators. As we worked together, I found myself learning about new theories, authors, and strategies that I had not

SABEH science in Hangzhou China

This is my second year of instructing teachers for one week and students for two. I have received phenomenal support from the staff here in Hangzhou and great interest from both teachers and students. While SABEH emphasizes comprehension, interaction, and thinking skills, many Chinese teachers have not had experience or practice with hands-on activities or ideas for generating creativity in the classroom. In my first year I developed lessons that examined the nature of polarized light - I included the dissection of a sheep's eyeball. This year we made Winogradsky columns, cartesian divers and using local red cabbage, we made our own pH paper. On the first day I organized the marshmallow chal

My Chinese Travels

Since I teach the political, intellectual, cultural and economic aspects of China in my English classes back home, I feel blessed by the opportunities SABEH has afforded me over the past four years as a fellow of this program. Not only teaching Chinese English teachers about The Three Keys, Critical Thinking and various English learner strategies such as non volunteer cards, mindwrites, graphic organizing, literary circles, active reading and many other ideas, but the travel experiences with SABEH after teaching has bridged to my students upon return, for I actually get to show them the places we learn about China directly from my journey’s in China. I have seen most of China through SABEH

First Time Abroad

“Nǐ hǎo!” (pronounced /ne/ /hao/ and means “Hello!”) This is the first thing I recommend you learn if planning a trip to China. The Chinese love Americans, but the Chinese really love Americans who say ““Nǐ hǎo!” to them on the street. This naïve American is so grateful for a fantastic team of experienced SABEH teachers to greet me in Shanghai. As a “newbie,” I was enthusiastically welcomed and plans began to be made to ensure I was shown around Shanghai properly. I was taught some critical things, like stay with the group and, of course, how to say hello in Chinese. Many would say I have no “worldly” experience because I have never left North America, and I learned quickly that those indivi

A Morning in Hangzhou

Working with SABEH this summer has allowed me to bring some of the classroom practices I have used in 29 years of teaching and present them to fellow teachers. It is an experience I will treasure forever. It also allowed me to fulfill another dream 35 years in the making. I lived in Taiwan in 1982-83. Among the many things I developed a fondness for was a traditional breakfast of sau bing, you tyau, and dou jang. This is not something available in the school cafeteria and I told the teachers in my class that I would like to go out and find some. My schedule allowed me to go out the next morning on a small excursion in search of my breakfast. After walking into town for 45 minutes or s

Fuzhou Year Five

I am back in hot, HOT Fuzhou for the fifth summer and like always, it’s a fun adventure, the kind that makes me laugh, makes me shrug, and that makes me incredibly happy to be sharing it with these other amazing US teachers. This is a terrific model for designing effective schools and professional development. The collegial mentoring that goes on between the nine US teachers builds a remarkable esprit de corps and I think we each leave better, more reflective teachers. Our conversations about best teaching practices are insightful and I walk away from each conversation inspired to refine my own teaching practices to include what I learn from my US colleagues. We have 220 Chinese "learner

American Literature in China

My favorite time of year is the three weeks in July when I travel to China to teach American educational strategies to middle school Chinese teachers of English in Fuzhou. Even though I’m a veteran teacher, I find the experience continues to invigorate my classroom teaching. Within the preparation, I reflect on and identify what really works for me in my own teaching, and then in the training, I bridge the cultural gap with professional dialogue regarding which of these strategies might best enhance the Chinese English classroom - a setting far different from my own. In previous years, I have taught these interactive, engaging strategies within the context of American literature. Understandi

Mentor Texts for Teaching

Wow! What an amazing time we have had in Fuzhou and it’s only the first week. In our group, we are using mentor texts to teach many different literacy strategies. The focus has been on interaction, comprehension and thinking skills. Teachers in my three classes had the opportunity to use the books, “Oh, The Places You’ll Go and The Lorax” by Dr. Seuss. We focused on turn & talk, peer & share, to discuss what each story was about along with the deeper meaning. We completed many comprehension activities by using story maps, venn diagrams, & sequential order. We completed many hands on activities to promote interaction with one another. The teachers were introduced to many different strat

A Global Perspective

As Hangzhou, China prepares for the 2016 G20 Summit, teachers are thinking of ways to teach students on Global perspective. I had the privilege of working with history, political science, geography and psychology teachers on the issues of global warming and environmental protections the first week. We worked with cooperative and critical thinking strategies as a way to get students energized about their own learning and encouraging new ways to think about these issues. During the next week, working with high school students was amazing. We used creative concepts to help students practice speaking, reading and writing English. They wrote artist statements that told stories about their exp

Understanding Montessori: A Visual Journey

The teachers began with no Montessori knowledge, which grew after three days. By the end, they understood how the Montessori classroom is arranged and set up, what materials are used to teach practical life, grace and courtesy, sensorial understandings, math, science and more. I started every day with a student lesson that had a Montessori connection, which also taught English vocabulary. The teachers ended with a demo day creating materials inspired by Montessori methods for their classrooms.

Working With Teachers and Students

This is my first time visiting China! So far I have found collaboration with other teachers to be an invaluable experience. For the first week in Hangzhou, I worked with primary school PE teachers to model American teaching strategies and put them into practice by coteaching both Kindergarten and second grade physical education classes. In the photos you can see the five year olds playing the game “thumper” where students can run and tag each other. For the second week, I am working with high school aged students. Last night we had a dance night! The American teachers showed the Chinese students some popular dances such as the chicken dance, cha cha slide, cupid shuffle, Macarena, and the YM

Our First Week in China

Teacher-Training Program (July 5 – July 9) American teachers conducted professional development and teacher training for the Chinese teachers. The Chinese teachers appreciated the student-centric and multi-modal methods of bringing textbook content to life. Additionally, the American teachers learned that as educators, we actually share many commonalities. It was a valuable learning and cross-cultural experience for everyone. Leisure Weekend (July 10) Teachers enjoyed a tour of the nearby Westlake Park Academic Summer Camp for Students Week of July 11 to Week of July 22) Students ages 15-16 will attend academic summer camp to improve their English. Each day the students attend three cour

China 2016!

I arrived with our first team of teachers in Hangzhou China this past week to begin yet another summer full of education, collaboration, and fun with SABEH! Follow our newly designed blog to learn about our experiences along the way!

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