Running Club

This is my sixth summer teaching in China, and with every year there comes new and exciting opportunities to enjoy and share in the beauty of the people and this country. Along with the honor and privilege of working with such talented Chinese and American teachers here in Fuzhou, it has always been important to extend our arms to the Fuzhou community. I had the unique pleasure this year of being invited to join a local Fuzhou running club with a fellow SABEH member. We met at West Lake every night for a leisurely 10K run, taking in all of the dancing, singing, and sights around the lake. It was also a time that the Fuzhou runners wanted to practice their English in conversations along the r

Collaborating in China

After a long school year in America, many of us are in need of a summer break. So why travel thousands of miles to a foreign country, and spend three weeks teaching and constantly moving? One of the most important reasons for me is the relationships we build with the Chinese teachers during our time in Fuzhou. When we first get to Fuzhou, many of the teachers are hesitant to talk to us, but as the week progresses, teachers come early and stay late to class just to spend time with us and to talk about our schools and America. And by the end of the program, their respect and appreciation for our hard work is so rewarding. To be consistently told by the teachers that they value our teaching s

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