Changes in Fuzhou

Having been to Fuzhou in 2013 and 2014 I was thrilled to have an opportunity to return in 2017. When I arrived in Fuzhou I was amazed at how much the city has changed in such a short time. The Fuzhou Forest Trail is an architectural masterpiece and offers spectacular views of Fuzhou. The sky trail is busiest during the evening hours as residents walk and jog. During the day when it is hot, there are less people using the trail. Hence, it’s a great time to enjoy the sun and spectacular views. Walking at a leisurely pace and stoping a few times to take photos, it took me one hour to walk the entire trail. City planners cleverly incorporated earthen and recycled materials to create bench

Fuzhou is Fascinating & Fun!

Chinese teachers expressed their desire to learn creative, student-centric vocabulary strategies since a big part of the Gaokao Examination is English vocabulary. Therefore, I shared several vocabulary strategies such as the Four-Square Model, 7-Step Strategy, and creating a memorable acrostic poem. Teachers experimented with the vocabulary methods and expressed their appreciation of these unique and empowering techniques. Teachers expressed that when students write the term and definition, vocabulary is usually stored in students’ short-term memories. In other words, students remember the word and meaning simply for the purpose of passing the examination. After the test, they forget the

Ice Breaker on the First Day

You are part of a classroom of 20 Chinese teachers you have never met before, put into teams of four, given 150 paper cups, and allowed 20 minutes to build the tallest free-standing structure you can create, and you can only communicate in English, ready, go! It is quite amazing what you can learn about your new classes by simply observing and listening during this ice breaker. The tallest structure came in at a height of 68 inches, very impressive! This led to a very interesting conversation comparing US customary units of measure and the metric system used in China. The three keys of SABEH were introduced through this hands-on activity: interaction, comprehension, and thinking skills. Ove

First Impressions of China

It's hard to decide what has thrilled me most about my first experience with SABEH. I could write pages about traveling abroad for the first time, collaborating with teachers from across the world, and meeting new friends and colleagues in China. My hosts and travel companions have made this summer unforgettable, so choosing a single topic for a blog post is no small task. However, I can say a highlight of my time in China has been watching the teacher-learners in my class complete a Socratic Seminar. In my classes in the U.S., it's often difficult for students to participate in open discussion, even when they are used to doing so with their previous teachers. Therefore, I came to Fuzhou w

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