SABEH + Dandelion School

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A special project 

SABEH is proud to partner with this well known organization for middle school migrant students around China.

Dandelion School Fast Facts
  • Established to serve migrant students
  • Residential option for students
  • Serving middle school aged students
  • Highly dependent on volunteers
  • Funded entirely through donations
  • Located on the outskirts of Beijing
  • Established in 2005
  • Newly expanded building
  • Non-profit organization
Click here to visit the school's website
SABEH Experience at Dandelion
  • This will be a student English camp style program and you will also work with teachers to share best practice instruction
  • You will work with students to improve their skills in critical thinking, interaction, and comprehension​
  • Only basic accommodations included
    • Single air-conditioned rooms for everyone
    • Shared bathrooms
    • Cafeteria style food
  • Receive 1/2 your airfare and full visa costs reimbursed upon arrival in China
  • Receive five days of cultural travel in addition to your teaching experience