A Brief History of SABEH

The Sino-American Bridge for Education, a volunteer organization, began in 2004 when Wanli Hu, then a staff member at Primary Source in Watertown, invited a few teachers, including Susan Thanas, to help develop a program to take American culture to schools in China. Primary Source provided education and inspiration for all teachers.  During the winter of 2004-2005, the focus of the program changed from teaching American culture to students to teaching professional development to K-12 teachers when Yongli Lu, a professor at Beijing Normal University who also owned an educational research company, offered to host a 2-week program in Beijing followed by a 2-week program in Chongqing. Three American teachers were warmly welcomed by caring hosts as they taught aspects of American literature, history, and pedagogy to Chinese teachers of English in July 2005.


With the success of this initial program, the all-volunteer board, chaired by Earl E. Adriani, retired Boston University professor, expanded to include other academics. In 2009, SABEH became incorporated and added Health to its name, thus becoming The Sino-American Bridge for Education and Health, Inc.   Since then, SABEH has been sending 15-25 teachers to China each year.


In 2014, SABEH began a partnership with the US-China Institute at Bryant University. Bryant has provided meeting space and technology in addition to special programs for educators, thus enabling us to interview and meet with teachers from all over the USA.


The excitement that experienced American and Chinese teachers have had led to three return programs in Boston and vicinity. Chinese teachers and administrators from host schools had the opportunity to see in person what goes on in a student-focused classroom by visiting Massachusetts schools. Now over a decade old, SABEH welcomes experienced and adventurous K-12 teachers.  Please see “Teach in China” on our homepage for next year’s application.