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 2019 English Excellence Teacher Advanced Courses Ended Successfully

On July 24, 2019, the Advanced Training Program for Excellent English Teachers Session 1, sponsored by the Association of Six High Schools of China, was officially concluded. Looking back on the past ten days, we have experienced the cultural collision, the exchange of teaching wisdom and the improvement of educational ideas with excellent teachers from twelve high schools in China.  

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Six Schools Alliance | Gathering ZIA · Wisdom Blooming - 2019 English Excellence Teacher Advanced Training Course

In the morning of July. 15th, 2019, the Advanced Training Program for Excellent English Teachers held jointly by the Association of Six High Schools of China and SABEH has started. Teachers from 12 high schools all over China will participate in this ten-day workshop With the guidance and instruction from the foreign trainers.

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Six Schools Alliance | Thinking Collision Inspirational - 2019 English Excellence Teacher Advanced Training Course

After the successful opening ceremony, the following training has been a wonderful experience for everyone. Not only did the foreign trainers introduce some useful teaching techniques,but also guided the teachers to practice each skill in class. In addition,drama class ignited everyone’s passion for creation in an relaxed atmosphere. In this week's training, teachers has been learning while having fun. Now, let's review some wonderful moments in class.

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SABEH Training, crossing the ocean and rejuvenating 2019 SABEH Training Program

In the summer of 2019, the Sino-US Health Education Bridge (SABEH) training selected American local education experts and outstanding teachers from all regions to travel across the ocean, providing teachers and students of Greentown Yuhua Education Group and registered foreign teachers. Weekly training. In the first week of the training, the foreign teachers won the children's love with the lively and interesting classroom teaching mode.

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"Give me ten days, enjoy you for a summer" - remember the child's heart of the Yuhua Primary School summer camp

“Learn to play” summer camp “Give me ten days, enjoy you summer”, the rich and varied curriculum makes the children happy: the project curriculum enhances the ability literacy, the wide-area curriculum experiences brainstorming, and the activity curriculum provides confidence energy. Exploring the course to experience the challenges, especially participating in the SABEH training course introduced from the United States , and face-to-face with the foreign teachers to feel the difference between Chinese and Western education methods, and to harvest the joy of learning.