Our First Week in China

Teacher-Training Program

(July 5 – July 9) American teachers conducted professional development and teacher training for the Chinese teachers. The Chinese teachers appreciated the student-centric and multi-modal methods of bringing textbook content to life. Additionally, the American teachers learned that as educators, we actually share many commonalities. It was a valuable learning and cross-cultural experience for everyone.

Leisure Weekend

(July 10) Teachers enjoyed a tour of the nearby Westlake Park

Academic Summer Camp for Students

Week of July 11 to Week of July 22) Students ages 15-16 will attend academic summer camp to improve their English. Each day the students attend three courses to learn about the culture and history of the United States. Classes are taught by certified teachers, who are native English speakers. Students learn how to increase comprehension, interaction, and thinking skills by working in cooperative groups and creating projects. Analytical, critical thinking, and real-life application of skills are emphasized by cross-curricular content that integrates Art, American History, Culture, Drama, English, Etiquette, and Science. Additionally, there are activities scheduled during the evening. Although the extra-curricular activities are fun, they have a learning purpose. Cooperative learning and teamwork encourage students to examine issues from others’ perspectives and support each other in a team environment.

Jennifer Dixon, Lead Teacher

Hangzhou 2016

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