Working With Teachers and Students

This is my first time visiting China! So far I have found collaboration with other teachers to be an invaluable experience. For the first week in Hangzhou, I worked with primary school PE teachers to model American teaching strategies and put them into practice by coteaching both Kindergarten and second grade physical education classes. In the photos you can see the five year olds playing the game “thumper” where students can run and tag each other. For the second week, I am working with high school aged students. Last night we had a dance night! The American teachers showed the Chinese students some popular dances such as the chicken dance, cha cha slide, cupid shuffle, Macarena, and the YMCA. My favorite part of the evening was free-style! I showed the teenagers some common simple steps you can do while dancing at a party, but encouraged them to feel the beat of the music and create their own movements----above all, keep moving! Although hesitant to participate at first, as the songs continued to play, the boys and girls started to experiment and take more dance risks! How would have ever thought I would have the time of my life dancing to T-Pain’s “Low” with teenagers in China?

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