Fuzhou Year Five

I am back in hot, HOT Fuzhou for the fifth summer and like always, it’s a fun adventure, the kind that makes me laugh, makes me shrug, and that makes me incredibly happy to be sharing it with these other amazing US teachers. This is a terrific model for designing effective schools and professional development. The collegial mentoring that goes on between the nine US teachers builds a remarkable esprit de corps and I think we each leave better, more reflective teachers. Our conversations about best teaching practices are insightful and I walk away from each conversation inspired to refine my own teaching practices to include what I learn from my US colleagues. We have 220 Chinese "learner teachers" this year whose lives we touch and who reciprocate by sharing their lives with us: in 5 years we've trained over 1000 teachers! I’m sure I'm on QQ (the Chinese Facebook) and I sure do feel like a rock star with all the photos I've been in! I'm glad that I don’t peruse my QQ account! I’d be surprised at what photos and videos they’ve taken of me teaching over the years!

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