A Morning in Hangzhou

Working with SABEH this summer has allowed me to bring some of the classroom practices I have used in 29 years of teaching and present them to fellow teachers. It is an experience I will treasure forever. It also allowed me to fulfill another dream 35 years in the making. I lived in Taiwan in 1982-83. Among the many things I developed a fondness for was a traditional breakfast of sau bing, you tyau, and dou jang. This is not something available in the school cafeteria and I told the teachers in my class that I would like to go out and find some. My schedule allowed me to go out the next morning on a small excursion in search of my breakfast. After walking into town for 45 minutes or so I saw a couple of carts in an empty lot and at first glance didn’t think much of them but as I got closer I saw an opening between them that led into a small street with more fruit and produce vendors and eventually into a wonderful full-fledged market with everything imaginable available. As I wandered through I found some food vendors on the other side with what I was looking for. After buying my breakfast I looked around for a place to eat and was going to sit on a concrete block by myself and enjoy my breakfast but two nearby men had other plans. They gestured to a plastic stool and that I should get it and sit with them. I did so and had a thoroughly enjoyable breakfast sitting on a street corner in Hangzhou with two men who were quite surprised that I could sit and chat with them in Chinese.

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