My Chinese Travels

Since I teach the political, intellectual, cultural and economic aspects of China in my English classes back home, I feel blessed by the opportunities SABEH has afforded me over the past four years as a fellow of this program. Not only teaching Chinese English teachers about The Three Keys, Critical Thinking and various English learner strategies such as non volunteer cards, mindwrites, graphic organizing, literary circles, active reading and many other ideas, but the travel experiences with SABEH after teaching has bridged to my students upon return, for I actually get to show them the places we learn about China directly from my journey’s in China. I have seen most of China through SABEH. We have seen the large cities and all they have to offer from Beijing, Shanghai, Hong Kong to Chongqing. We have seen the massive Three Gorges on a cruise up the Yangtze, The Great Wall, The Terra Cotta Warriors of Xi’an, the place of Avatar fame, Zhangjiajie, the Himalayas of Tibet, the famous Pandas of Chengdu, the Buddhist cave paintings of Dunhuang to the glorious pointed mountains of Guilin and Yangshuo. Not only do I have bonds with my fellow SABEH colleagues, bonds forever with the Chinese teachers I meet, but bonds also with the many diverse, glorious lands we encounter of China along the way.

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