SABEH science in Hangzhou China

This is my second year of instructing teachers for one week and students for two. I have received phenomenal support from the staff here in Hangzhou and great interest from both teachers and students. While SABEH emphasizes comprehension, interaction, and thinking skills, many Chinese teachers have not had experience or practice with hands-on activities or ideas for generating creativity in the classroom. In my first year I developed lessons that examined the nature of polarized light - I included the dissection of a sheep's eyeball. This year we made Winogradsky columns, cartesian divers and using local red cabbage, we made our own pH paper. On the first day I organized the marshmallow challenge - it's from a Ted talk you can reference.

We all know that collaboration between teachers makes us and our students better learners. I have found that collaboration between Chinese teachers and myself personally rewarding. They are deeply appreciative of anything I was willing to share. And they reminded me of how important it is, of the work we do in any classroom, whether it be our own or in China.

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