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This is my sixth summer teaching in China, and with every year there comes new and exciting opportunities to enjoy and share in the beauty of the people and this country. Along with the honor and privilege of working with such talented Chinese and American teachers here in Fuzhou, it has always been important to extend our arms to the Fuzhou community. I had the unique pleasure this year of being invited to join a local Fuzhou running club with a fellow SABEH member. We met at West Lake every night for a leisurely 10K run, taking in all of the dancing, singing, and sights around the lake. It was also a time that the Fuzhou runners wanted to practice their English in conversations along the run. They awarded us with club t-shirts and asked us to join them on a weekend hike up White Cloud Mountain. Once at the top of the mountain everyone had brought food and of course tea to share, and we had a marvelous time sharing stories of our families, hobbies, traditions and even a tai chi lesson! Extending the SABEH program to the local community has added such an important dimension to this year’s trip, another bridge between America and China.

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