Changes in Fuzhou

Having been to Fuzhou in 2013 and 2014 I was thrilled to have an opportunity to return in 2017. When I arrived in Fuzhou I was amazed at how much the city has changed in such a short time. The Fuzhou Forest Trail is an architectural masterpiece and offers spectacular views of Fuzhou. The sky trail is busiest during the evening hours as residents walk and jog. During the day when it is hot, there are less people using the trail. Hence, it’s a great time to enjoy the sun and spectacular views. Walking at a leisurely pace and stoping a few times to take photos, it took me one hour to walk the entire trail. City planners cleverly incorporated earthen and recycled materials to create benches. The Fuzhou Forest Trail, aka sky trail, is a great way to explore Fuzhou.

In addition to the Forest Trail (sky trail), one line of the Fuzhou Metro (subway system) is now in operation. It’s anticipated the subway system will have nine lines within a few years. The Metro was easy to navigate and offered a fast and efficient way to get from Wuyi Square ( Mao Statue and White Pagoda) to trendy Sanfang Qixiang (Three Lanes &Seven Alleys pedestrian area where boutique shops, restaurants, and museums are located).

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