New Experiences in China

In all the countries I have been to, I have been able to speak either Spanish or English. I was a little nervous coming to China without being able to speak Chinese. I did not know what to expect. To my surprise people here have been extremely friendly and even though we are not able to understand each other we have made connections. These connections are very precious to me. It has taught me that love for life and culture goes beyond language. This experience has made me grow so much as a human being. Sometimes I can get very shy since I grew up in South America, Chile and It took me a very long time to get used to my new home in the United States. Even though I have always loved the United States, the transition to becoming somehow Americanized took many years to happen and It was not fully developed. I have seen and felt the change and I am a Chilean American who still struggles from time to time with cultural barriers in the US. I will never lose my Chilena heritage and everything I learned growing up in Santiago. Being able to loosen ties to everything I knew was painful but the love for people is something I have always kept in my heart. In Chile we always care for the well being of the neighbor. We are a collective society. I have encounter similarities in the USA also, living in America has taught me to become strong. Experiencing China has show me that both of my cultures blend perfectly in themselves and it gives me the tools to see the world and interact with it in a peaceful, respectful way. This amazing journey to China will have always a very special place in my heart and the people I have met will always stay in my memories. Very inspiring people that I have met on the streets and in the school facility. Workers and people who are happy by enjoying the simple things in life such as music or a picture with a stranger that tells them that even though we come from different worlds we are all the same.

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