Kindergarten Kaleidescope

Learning. Laughter. Levity. These are the words that capture our classroom climate in Zhoushan. Our one week course has incorporated SABEH's three keys: building comprehension, thinking skills, and interaction in order to improve student learning in Kindergarten classrooms. I'm currently working with a wonderful cohort of 18 Chinese kindergarten teachers who are eager to learn new strategies and activities so that they can, in turn, bring it back to their own class.

We've had a full week of learning different ways teachers can incorporate and promote student engagement and excitement in the classroom. Teachers learned elements of the workshop model, whereby students work in small groups throughout the class in order to practice skills taught by the teacher. For example in Math, teachers Worked in small groups to practice number recognition and value by working together to complete a sorting activity. Another activity involved addition bingo. While another, incorporated the use of dice to support addition practice.

Each "station" lasted for 10 minutes and then students/teachers rotated to the next station. I also incorporated various activities for building community in the classroom. Here the teachers had the opportunity to share about themselves and interests. Because of this, we've shared a lot of hearty laughs and made lots of great connections, not only on a professional level, but personal ones as well.

What an awesome experience it's been so far!!

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