Collaborating with Chinese teachers

Today was our second day teaching at the Zhoushan Greentown Yu Hua School and I am loving this experience so far! This is the first year that Sabeh has partnered at this site and it is a brand new, beautiful school with traditional Chinese gardens and modern facilities. We are teaching three 40 minute lessons every day this week to Chinese Primary School, Middle School, and High School teachers on a variety of topics, focusing on thinking, interaction, and comprehension skills. My lessons are math, science, and research lessons for Middle and High School teachers, yet I have emphasized to the teachers that the strategies we are using can be used at any grade level with any subject area. The teachers have been very appreciative and enthusiastic to learn about strategies we use in American schools to increase thinking, interaction, and comprehension!The best part of this teaching experience for me has been getting to know the Chinese teaching assistants who have been so amazing! The teachers in our classes teach all different subjects and many of them have very limited English, so the Sabeh teachers have been partnered with English teachers from the Zhoushan and Hangzhou Greentown Yu Hua Schools who can help us with translation. There are two teaching assistants for each cohort of teachers, so I have been working with four wonderful teachers- Wendy, Edward, Ebay, and Elaine (their English names). These teachers have worked very hard to preview all of my lessons, to make copies and collect materials, to translate throughout the lesson and to help clarify directions. They are so considerate and supportive, which has made me feel much more confident and has helped make my lessons successful so far! Collaborating with these Chinese teachers and spending time with them this week we have been able to share a lot about our cultures. I am excited that we are friends on We Chat now so I

can keep in touch with them after our Sabeh teaching experience is over too!

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