In Another Country: A Priceless New China Welcome

As our experience comes to an end, my heart is full and my mind is teeming with memories. My charade skills are at an all-time high, my ears echo with “San, ar, yi, qie zi!”, my Chinese dynasty trivia is fierce, my subway savvy is sharp, and my suitcase is stuffed with souvenirs. Although our customs are quite distinct, we share a fervent desire to help our students learn, and this goal is in the forefront of our minds as teachers. Foremost, on this journey I have fallen in love with the people and felt like a celebrity of sorts. Countless children have approached our group of teachers to ask where we are from and see if we might take photographs with them. While on the Great Wall and the subway, others have hoped to practice their English with us and asked for our WeChat (WeiXin) information so that they can continue to do so. Indeed, I look forward to sharing strategies and improving these friendships in the days ahead. I am so grateful for the opportunity to meet likeminded people.

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