Going The Extra Mile

We've had illnesses, broken technology, and even a moment of confusion as we were lost in downtown Beijing! But fortunately, based on our experiences here, it's safe to say that "Going the extra mile," for someone extends well into China. Athlough it seems like those three things would cause a group to grow frustrated and breakdown, our Chinese friends were extremely generous. One Chinese tour guide was kind enough to run to the doctor to get medicine for us. A Chinese teacher let us borrow an adapter for our American-style three pronged charger. And finally, a generous group of Chinese men waited with us on a busy city street until they were sure we found a taxi to take us back to our hotel.

The purpose of these three examples is not to suggest that we were cursed with a stroke of bad luck (although some might argue otherwise), but rather, it is to demonstrate the kindness and generosity of the Chinese people. This is my third time to China with SABEH, and each time I return, I am never surprised to find a helping Chinese hand when I'm facing a challenging moment. This, among many others, is one reason that I keep coming back to China!

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