Using Games to Increase Engagement

Games were perhaps the most engaging and exciting part of our comprehension, speaking and especially vocabulary games. One of the favorites was a game called spoons. Students create four cards. One with the vocabulary word, one with the definition, one with a sentence using the word and then a picture of the word. Cards are mixed up, and four cards are passed to each person. This game would be practical in a Chinese classroom. Once the cards are dealt, players need to try to match the four cards that go with the word. One card is passed simultaneously. Players must quickly decide if they will keep the card or pass it on. Once a player has a four card set, they take a spoon from the middle of the table. Everyone else must quickly take the remaining spoons(there are enough for every player). The last player receives a letter "s." Once a player has spelled the word spoons, the game ends. The player with the least amount of letters wins. The pace becomes very quick as the players learn the definitions, sentences and the pictures. The competition is fierce. Of course, the best part about the game is that the students can easily give the definition and sentence usage when the game is over. Many teachers hope to use this game in their classrooms.

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