Bringing My Chinese Experience to the Community

In early September my department coordinator asked me if I would like to be a guest speaker at a local China Town Hall discussion in October. He explained that this was part of a larger event supported by the National Committee on US-China Relations (NCUSR) in which I would discuss my experiences in China and then we would televise a live webcast between Condoleezza Rice and NCUSR president Stephen A. Orlins. Excited, I immediately accepted the offer.

The night of the Town Hall, two other local teachers and I discussed our adventures in China. Specifically, I talked about my summer visiting Hong Kong and Beijing, and the differences between these two great cities.

I enjoyed listening to my fellow teachers explain their experiences as much as I enjoyed reflecting on my own. I could also tell that the audience really enjoyed hearing our stories as well. The biggest takeaway from that night was the energy and excitement everyone felt about China, and a desire to visit this beautiful country. I am tremendously grateful for the opportunity SABEH afforded me this past summer, and I highly recommend that any teachers interested in teacher there this summer submit an application and join an amazing program!

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