Collaborating, Creating and Celebrating

I had the honor and pleasure of working with students this summer through the SABEH program in Hangzhou China. Students in first through fourth grade today worked in collaborative groups to complete the challenge of creating the longest paper snake possible from a single piece of computer paper. Each group was given one piece of paper, a mailing label and a pair of scissors. They were challenged to create the longest snake possible after a thoughtful group discussion.

All groups enthusiastically and strategically tackled the problem and came up with interesting and unique solutions. The snakes were then carefully measured and a winning team was announced. The competition was tough but all students worked hard and enjoyed the challenge.

The students celebrated their success by viewing other group designs and commenting on successful strategies while reflecting on possible future improvements.

The Chinese students, American teachers and their Chinese counterparts worked seamlessly in tandem to make this experience pleasurable. I look forward to many similar happy encounters during my two week visit with this amazing group of students and teachers.

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