Peter’s Chair Pop Up

This year we were fortunate enough to work with students our first week at Greentown. Working with the Chinese students was an incredible experience. They were all very engaged and enjoyed being challenged. For one of the lessons I co-taught with another SABEH teacher we read a book by Ezra Jack Keats called Peter’s Chair. All of the children really enjoyed reading a new American book. The art activity that followed was about the children’s rooms. We had the students create a 3D model of their bedrooms using construction paper. The results were interesting and really imaginative as well. We provided some guidance, but the students thought to create all new things on their own!

When we worked with the older students, we simply showed a created model and provided them with the materials. Students had very limited guidance and it was amazing to see how creative these fourth and fifth grade students could be! Students created hanging beds, large TVs, bunk beds and lamps! I was so impressed with all of their hard work, especially considering they had never heard of pop ups before.

My favorite lesson was one where we read The Very Hungry Caterpillar. Many of the students knew the story and were excited to read it again. After I read the story, I explained that the author, Eric Carle, used tissue paper to create his artwork and that we would be making tissue paper butterflies. The students had never seen tissue paper before and were so excited for the craft. I had to convince them to leave after class and promise they would be able to continue the activity the next day just to get them to stop!

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