Teaching in Hangzhou

This summer’s SABEH program at Greentown offered a co-teaching model for our week working with the children. This model included sharing the responsibilities for planning, teaching and assessing the progress of all the students in our classes. It also allowed for differentiating instruction and delivery, as well as classroom management. Much of our lesson planning was developed before we left for China, capitalizing on the strengths and expertise of my co-teacher Patrick, a very talented and energetic teacher. The children certainly had the benefit of working in smaller groups, and our teacher assistant/translator saw the advantages of this model. The coordination of all our efforts had the children singing, dancing, creating, and problem solving, all while learning the social studies lessons that we presented.

The teaching did not start and end with our daily classes. I had the opportunity to work on a daily basis with our driver who wanted to learn as much English as possible during our stay. He was a very quick study, picking up many useful phrases. I had my copy of If You Give a Mouse a Cookie translated by my teaching assistant and gave it him as a parting gift. I am so happy that we will continue these lessons via WeChat.

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