Professional Growth

Working with the teachers of Beijing No. 35 and their consortium of schools has been an absolute pleasure. Coming from areas including Beijing, Hainan, Harbin, Mongolia, Xi’an, and more, this cohort of teachers is amongst the most dedicated group I’ve met in any profession. During week one we worked collaboratively to discuss and understand the behaviors of effective learners and doers, referred to as The Sixteen Habits of Mind. In groups, students engaged in collaborative strategic reading (CSR) to learn two of the sixteen habits that lead to productivity in the learning and working spaces our students exist in. As teachers completed the readings, they were prompted to use a character analysis strategy to create a character who embodied these two habits or analyze an already existing individual who they feel demonstrates the habits they read. Students chose to look at individuals from Forrest Gump to Stephen Hawking, and everywhere in between in order to create a visual aid they could use to teach their peers about the habits they embodied. Upon completion of their group work, we celebrated these creations with a gallery walk, during which students noted behaviors related to the other Habits of Mind and gave feedback to their peers with post-it note comments.

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